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Emerson Ceiling Fans

When you’re looking to install a ceiling fan, what do you want to see? If it’s quality and security from the oldest and most trusted brand, then look no further than Emerson’s fantastic selection of ceiling fan installations.

Emerson began selling ceiling fans 118 years ago, and they continued that trend of innovating and setting the bar to this day. Emerson has a tradition of excellence and quality that guarantees you a worthwhile purchase.

Emerson: A Short Overview

Emerson Ceiling Fans CF712ORB Pro Series Indoor Ceiling Fan With Light 50-Inch Blades Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish - side viewFrom its inception in 1890 up to the present day, Emerson has become the gold standard in providing innovative technological solutions. It started when Charles and Alexander Meston developed the electric fan motor. Through the generosity of John Wesley Emerson, they established the company later in the year. 2 years later, they began manufacturing home electric fans.

In 1897, Emerson began selling the first commercial ceiling fans which revolutionized the air management system for buildings and made high-rise areas feasible to build. In the years to come, Emerson would continue to constantly improve the functionality and design of its products, among which are multi-functional motors and its trademark ceiling fans.

Emerson continued that penchant for setting a tremendous standard in quality, while diversifying the products it sold to the market in order to appeal to a wide range of consumers. Emerson remains steeped in an excellent tradition of brilliant engineering.

Emerson Ceiling Fans CF955BS Midway Eco Modern Energy Star Ceiling Fan With Light And Remote 54-Inch Blades Brushed Steel FinishEmerson Ceiling Fans – What Sets Them Apart

Emerson ceiling fans are the best products on the market due to 125 years of constant improvements, product innovation, and intelligent design. Every Emerson fan bought and installed comes with an assurance of product quality that is grounded in its long history and a production process that uses the best materials possibly available.

Here are the things that truly set Emerson branded ceiling fans apart from its competitors:

  • Ceiling fans rotation explained for summer winter directionEnergy Efficient

It’s no secret that a ceiling fan costs you way less than central air conditioning. Some people think this means that they are not as effective at keeping the room at just the right temperature. However, thanks to Emerson’s innovative design philosophy, a ceiling fan can keep your room cold during the summer season and warm during the chillier winter days.

How you ask? Well, Emerson employs an intelligent method that allows it to spin in two different ways depending on the temperature. No longer do you have to have central air conditioning to achieve that kind of air management versatility.

During the summer, Emerson ceiling fans spin counter-clockwise to create a cold breeze around the room that brings the temperature down. During the winter, the fan spins clockwise to recirculate heat around the room and bring the temperature up.

  • Better for the Environment

Energy costs ceiling fan air conditioner comparedAir conditioning has harmful effects for the environment. Not only do they consume huge amounts of electricity that take a toll on your electric bills, but they take a toll on mother earth also. This happens in two ways: the air conditioner itself releases harmful toxins that can affect the atmosphere, while the electricity it consumes is natural gas burned and its remnants brought into the air.

Thanks to the energy efficiency of Emerson fans, you minimize your carbon footprint. The motors are optimized to run cleanly and without any side-emissions. Furthermore, Emerson fans consume roughly 90% less electricity than air conditioners.

  • Emerson Ceiling Fans CF711BS Pro Series II Indoor Ceiling Fan With Light 50-Inch Blades Brushed Steel FinishProduct Diversity

Emerson offers a wide range of products to suit specific needs. On a tight budget? Need something that makes the room cold instead of hot? Emerson takes pride in the wide range of products that they offer that comes from their constant push to come up with new and innovative designs for ceiling fans.

Over the course of their 125 year history, they have come up with designs that appeal to wide range of markets. How do they do it? Emerson has a team of experienced engineers and designers constantly working on the next great design.

  • Emerson Ceiling Fans CF440VNB Braddock Indoor Ceiling Fan With Light And Remote 54-Inch Blades Venetian Bronze FinishMark of Excellence

The excellence in engineering and innovation started from Day 1 of Emerson. Emerson was the first to create alternating current fan motors. They were the first to sell electric fans to a mass audience in North America, were the first to mass produce ceiling fans and they continue to be at the top of innovating and giving American home-owners the best possible products each and every time.

Top 3 Emerson Ceiling Fans on Amazon

Here are some of the best ceiling fans on Amazon:

  • Emerson Ceiling Fans CF712ORB Pro Series Indoor Ceiling Fan With Light 50-Inch Blades Oil Rubbed Bronze FinishEmerson CF712ORB Pro Series Indoor Ceiling Fan

The Pro Series Indoor Ceiling Fan has a beautiful and sleek oil brushed finish that gives a touch of class to any room you put it in. It has a mounting bracket for flush or downrod mounting, 5 powerful and light 50-inch blades, and a lovely detachable lightbulb that compliments a dim room. It is easy to install and is perfect for any homeowner.

  • Emerson Ceiling Fans CF765BS Loft Modern Indoor Ceiling Fan With Wall Control Energy Star 60-Inch Blades Brushed Steel FinishEmerson CF765BS Loft Modern Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan

This product has a modern brushed steel finish that gives an air of sophistication to a room. It has strong and long 60-inch blades that make it a powerful yet quiet air management option for any househoud. Its flexibility allows it to function outdoors; perfect for a ceiling-covered patio.

  • Emerson Ceiling Fans CF144WW Curva Sky Modern Low Profile:Hugger Indoor Outdoor Ceiling Fan With Light And Remote Wet Rated 44-Inch Blades Appliance White FinishEmerson CF144WW Curva Sky Modern Low Profile Indoor Outdoor Ceiling Fan

The Curva Sky has a modern, clean and pure appliance white finish that suits a kitchen or minimalist living room perfectly. With its 44-inch blades and quiet motors, it is suited for smaller rooms with low ceilings in need of a little ceirculation. It also adds a light fixture that helps light up a room.

If you want a quality ceiling fan with an innovative design, turn to Emerson for your next purchase.