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Ceiling Fan Brands

Most people think that ceiling fans are for hot weathers only. It actually is a good help during those humid days. However, you can also get out of your penny’s worth during cool days too as it effectively brings in warm air from your house’s ceiling down unto the room.

May also be used as a centerpiece, ceiling fans come in wide variations. That is why shopping for one requires time and research.

Here’s a quick overview of the major ceiling fan brands. To read more about the specific brand, click on the name and the company information page will be opened.

Aire RyderCasablancaCraftmadeEmerson
FanimationHampton BayHarbor BreezeHunter
KichlerMinka-AireModern Fan co.Monte Carlo
QuorumSavoy HouseTiffanyWestinghouse

Here’s a quick guide to help you choose the right ceiling fan for you.

What to consider when buying a ceiling fan

It’s overwhelming to know that there are a lot of good ceiling fan brands out there and one can easily get lost on how they are classified. Buyers surely know that there are a lot of things to consider when choosing the right ceiling fan for their homes. It is therefore necessary that one must go through a thorough research to pick the right ceiling fan fit for one’s home.

Whether you are to replace an old ceiling fan or buy a new one to complement the overall design of a specific room, here are some quick tips on choosing the right ceiling fan for you:

  • How much do you allot for a new ceiling fan? Knowing the amount you are willing to spend for a new ceiling fan is one of the necessities you have to consider so you can already set boundaries during the selection process.
  • Where do you intend to place the new ceiling fan? Because ceiling fans are classified to numerous categories, it’s important to know first where you want to install it. The built, size, design and the installation process of the ceiling fans will then follow.
  • Not only does it mean how small or big the ceiling fan is. It also includes the length from floor to ceiling. No one really wants to be boggled by a swirling ceiling fan just few inches from their head and endanger one’s life. There are actually guidelines on how to pick the right ceiling fan based on length and by room size.
  • Do you want a ceiling fan with a built-in light? If so, there are ceiling fan brands that offer such variety with different types of lightings to choose from.
  • Efficiency and airflow. Of course, if you are to buy a new appliance, you’d definitely choose that thing that will help you safe on energy. Be sure to differentiate one from another.
  • Design and accessories. If you have to choose a ceiling fan for a certain area in your house, you have to pick the one that best complements the aesthetics of that space along with the furniture in it.

Top 5 Ceiling Fan Brands

It’s doubly hard to distinguish one good brand from another, especially in the ever competitive market of ceiling fan industry today. Each buyer has their own fair share of opinion and satisfaction from they believe as their trusted brand.

Here’s a list of the best reviewed ceiling fan brands, of which raters based their scoring on the durability, installation process, the looks and other features that they find as satisfactory, if not, excellent. The list is in no particular order.

  • Minka Aire. If beauty is a major criterion, then you might want to consider Minka Aire’s roster of ceiling fans. This manufacturer doesn’t make eccentric ceiling fan designs, but rather simple but really eye-catching ones. More than beauty, Minka-Aire ensures that buyers will get the best out of their money. That is why they offer some of the most energy efficient fans in the market.
  • Hunter. If one has to speak about ceiling fan brands, the name Hunter is never amiss. Most of best selling fans being sold is actually from this manufacturer. Hunter ceiling fans are well-reviewed it harmonizes a fine balance with quality and affordability. Most of its products have Energy Stars, which means that their ceiling fans are highly efficient both in its cooling capacity and energy consumption.
  • Emerson. When it comes to power, this manufacturer is a leading name. Most of its models are rated to be one of the powerful ceiling fans in the industry. Its power also is steady and strong that can cover up large rooms.
  • Westinghouse. This brand name is actually a household name for many years because it’s not only a manufacturer of diverse ceiling fans but also of quality appliances. If you are to look for a manufacturer that offers the best products on outdoors and indoors, Westinghouse is a definitely a good choice.
  • Monte Carlo. Receiving good rates from the consumer reviews, the Monte Carlo brand is a well-loved name in the ceiling fan industry because of its efficiency when it comes to energy consumption and airflow. But what most buyers attract them most with the Monte Carlo products is its wide range of beautifully created ceiling fans that fit for every design in your home or in your office.