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Bedroom Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans, though how many home comfort appliances being offered in the market, remains to be the most sensible solution for many homes. Ceiling fans for more than a century continue to be a suitable supplement when it comes to air circulation.

There’s no question why ceiling fans have such popularity. Its charisma makes it a favorable choice among homeowners. The brands and models have been improving the ceiling fans over the years. They are steady and quiet paddles remind them of those romantic dates or simple lazing on a summer. Aside from the simple breeze, it’s comfortable and economic. Their mechanisms pushes air downward during cold days and bring the air up during summer thus decreasing the need for air-condition units.

Today’s ceiling fans have already evolved from the time it was first incepted. It now has better motors, more durable, better design and finishes as well as accessories. There are also different styles, sizes and configurations a buyer can choose from and of course, of different pricing.

Advantages of a Bedroom Ceiling Fan

bedroom ceiling fansCeiling fans are relatively inexpensive to buy and easy to install. You can install it on your own or have someone pay to do it for you. Your bedroom ceiling fan also helps you to enjoy a more restful sleep during the night not only because of its serene sound but also because it’s effective in keeping your bedroom temperature at a comfortable level.

If you have doubts on buying a bedroom ceiling fan, here are some of the best reasons why you should consider buying one for your bedroom:

  • Ceiling fans can also be an additional decoration to your room. Because they come in various shapes, sizes and designs, this appliance can bring in some beautiful touches. It has different blade designs and light fixtures that might just go along well with your bedroom’s overall design.
  • Ceiling fans are efficient air circulator. If you don’t have airconditioning units just yet, indoor air tends to be a little bit stuffy. Ceiling fans help the humid air circulate well thereby keeping the room’s temperature at a comfortable level. Many people say that a ceiling fan is giving the area a natural climate.
  • You may not notice it but bedroom ceiling fans are good as well in keeping the noise outside well-kept. The soft sound made by the swishing of the fan’s blades overlaps the noise outside from your room. Actually, people who worked over the night prefer having a ceiling fan to keep them comfortable during the night because of the pleasing and relaxing sound it creates.

Choosing the Right Bedroom Ceiling Fan

bedroom ceiling fans - two fansYour bedroom is one of the most important areas in your home. It’s where you get to have your own space, a place where you can rest. Aside from the beautiful design and your comfortable bed, it’s best that you complement all these with the cooling effect of ceiling fans.

As with any other ceiling fans, bedroom ceiling fans come in different styles with uses for specific types of room. Bedroom ceiling fans for example have specific design, length and accessories meant for the size and height of the bedroom. With such a wide array of options, choosing the right one might just be time consuming and effortful. So to help you with that task, here are some good tips on how to choose the right ceiling fan for your bedroom:

  • Size and Location

Of all things important, determining the room size is of prime importance. Generally, if you have a 400-square foot room, you pick a large ceiling fan with 52-inch fan blades, a 225 square foot with a 44-inch fan and a 42-inch fan for a 144-square foot room. If your room is more than 18 feet long, it’s best that you choose two medium-sized fans for proper ventilation. If you have a really small bedroom, you could opt for one of the smaller ceiling fans.

Place the fan in the middle of your room for better circulation. Make sure that the blade tips are 24 inches apart from the walls or ceilings. Take note that when the fan is placed close to the ceiling might decrease its capacity to move air around. There are however fans that is specifically intended for low-lying ceilings.

If your bedroom is more than 8 feet high, it’s advisable that you use a drop rod for your ceiling fan so it can effectively circulate air. Keep in mind though, that you should never hang your ceiling fan lower than 7 feet from the floor.

Another important thing to remember when installing a bedroom ceiling fan is its strong support. Remember that it’s quite heavy and will move centrifugally so it must be securely fixed.

  • Size of fan blades and materials

Westinghouse 78108 Petite 6-Blade 30-Inch 3-Speed Hugger-Style Ceiling Fan with Light in bedroomBedroom ceiling fans come in from three to five blades; however, the most common is four. Others think that the number of blades affects its performance but it’s actually not much. General rule when it comes to price, the more blades a ceiling fan has the higher will be its cost. Blade sizes come in different lengths and are measured through the sweep it produces.

Bedroom ceiling fans are made of quality materials with various finishing touches. Opting for the less expensive fan usually have veneered board blades while the more expensive ones are made from solid wood, cross-laminated material.

Finishes for blades have a lot of options to offer varying from the natural looking to the lustrous ones. There also blades that has reversible finish which allows you to easily change the color or design of your blade depending on your mood.

  • Location of the ceiling fan

Most ceiling fans are placed at an area where a lighting fixture is usually placed. Typically, the switch that used to make the lights on and off will be used as the control for the bedroom ceiling fan. When you have to remove a lighting fixture, you should opt for a ceiling fan with lights.

There are also ceiling fan manufacturers that made a ceiling fan without a wall-mounted control but with a pull chain or remote control. A remote-controlled ceiling fan is less dependant on the location and has features that allow users to program the fan’s light and fan settings. A more advanced ceiling fan sometimes have features that automatically adjusts fans speed so that it can keep up with the room temperature.

  • Ceiling Fan Quality

Ceiling fan prices range from less than $40.00 to several hundred bucks depending on the quality. If you are looking for a bedroom ceiling fan that has a lot of good features then you have got to spend some for such quality. If you are looking for a budget ceiling fan, you should be aware of the lower quality and probably lifetime.

We hope that you’ve read enough about the need of a bedroom ceiling fan! Decide which one is the best for you and finally get your night rest that you deserve! Sleep well 🙂