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Cheap Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are one of the best appliances that you can have at home. Unlike normal desk fans, ceiling fans rotate more slowly. By introducing slow movement, this process cools down people more effectively and at the same time, uses significantly less power since air cooling is thermodynamically expensive.

Also, ceiling fans help improve climate control energy efficiency by reducing the stratification of warm air in rooms by forcing it down to affect both of occupants’ sensations and thermostat readings.

Today, you can buy high quality ceiling fans at a low price. Potential buyers can find the best but cheap ceiling fans for their homes with useful buying tips, sound advice as well as best reviewed models on Amazon that you can check out on your next shopping trip online.

Best Features For Cheap Ceiling Fans

Westinghouse 78603 Petite 6-Blade 30-Inch 3-Speed Hugger-Style Ceiling Fan with Light - houseIt’s a guarantee that ceiling fans will look classier if they come with lighting. Not to mention that it also gives the room a nice visual impact. However, it doesn’t always mean that your ceiling fan will look cheap just because it doesn’t come up with a lighting kit on your purchase. All you need is a little research and the appliance company may even sell separate lighting kits that suit your ceiling fan best.

There are three lighting types you can choose from: dome, branched and dimmer lights. Dome lighting, as it was named, almost resembles a reverse dome and it is placed where the blades meet at the middle of the ceiling fan.

Branched lighting, on the other hand, looks like two or more tiny spotlights and the lights can be adjusted often to light up just a specific part of the room. Meanwhile, dimmer lights are optional choice for your fan, and the dimmer options can be incorporated either into the fan’s wall or separately by remote control.

Westinghouse 78603 Petite 6-Blade 30-Inch 3-Speed Hugger-Style Ceiling Fan with Light - energy informationAnother feature to check out in your ceiling fan is its energy efficiency. While ceiling fans have a low energy usage compared to desktop fans, please make sure that your model has Energy Star ratings which is a certification given by the US government to ensure savings. Your wallet will thank you for this!

Lastly, note that ceiling fans come with either pull cords or on-off controls though recent models have wall-installed and even handheld remote controls for easier operation. The pull cords will suit you better if you’re aiming for a vintage, antique-looking room, while handheld remote controls and the wall-installed ones fit modernly-styled rooms much better.

What To Consider When Buying Cheap Ceiling Fans

  • Choose The Right Size For Your Room Space

The primary purpose of the ceiling fan is to circulate air in the room. Rooms that are less than 75 square feet in size can have fans with blades of 29 up to 36 inches in diameter, while rooms with floor size of 225 up to 444 square feet can have fans with blades of 50 up to 54 inch maximum diameter size.

  • Westinghouse 78603 Petite 6-Blade 30-Inch 3-Speed Hugger-Style Ceiling Fan with Light Antique BrassCheck The Fan Blade Design

The blades of the ceiling fan are more of a design feature than a tool of efficiency or utility. Its ability to move air is determined by the blade pitch, so make sure to pick the one you like the look best.

Many fans now come with reversible blades, so if you are getting tired of one finish, you can reverse them later to change the overall look of your fan once in a while. Some fans have nine blades similar to a helicopter, while some still stick to the traditional four blade count for a classier feel.

  • Consider The Ceiling Height Of Your Room

Always keep in mind the ceiling height for your ceiling fan to function properly. The ideal fan height from floor up to the fan blades is approximately eight feet. Many fans have multiple mounting options which allow them to function almost everywhere in your home. Prior to your visit to the appliance store, make sure to measure first the height of your ceiling so you could determine the mounting option that will work best for your space.

Best Reviewed Cheap Ceiling Fans in Amazon

Here are three best recommendations for low priced ceiling fans to start with. Feel free to check them on Amazon and see for yourself the value they can offer for what you are going to pay.

  • Hampton Bay Hugger

Hampton Bay Hugger 52 inch White Ceiling Fan With LightThe Hampton Bay Hugger is perhaps one of the cheapest ceiling fans selling on Amazon right now for less than $50. With a rating of 4.6 stars from its 29 reviews, this cheap ceiling fan made a lot of people happy with their purchase. However, it seems to have a short lifespan of a few years. But at the price, the easy installation, the clean finish, and the ambient air comfort it brings but at $40.13, can you really complain?

  • Westinghouse 78108 Petite Ceiling Fan with Light

Westinghouse 78603 Petite 6-Blade 30-Inch 3-Speed Hugger-Style Ceiling Fan with Light Antique BrassFor only $53.99, this petite ceiling fan from Westinghouse also comes with a light. Being petite, it’s best installed in small and cozy spaces in your home. Nevertheless, it provides efficient airflow and that soft warm light – ideal for the kitchen, a small bedroom, and a porch.

It has an average of 3.9 stars from 342 customer reviews. A few reviewers find this fan a little over their comfort level of acceptable noise, but then again the noise from the motor hum can be subjective. Others find it a no big deal just like wind noise, but some are bothered.

  • Hardware House 543611 Aegean Flush-Mount Ceiling Fan

Hardware House 54-3603 Aegean 42-Inch Flush-Mount Ceiling Fan with Optional Light Fixture and 4 White:Light-Maple Blades, WhiteWith a $45.00 price tag, the Hardware House Aegean model is a good bargain. It has an average of 3.3 stars from 151 customer reviews. The Hardware House Aegean is a flush-mounted ceiling fan, making it very suitable for lower ceilings.

It features reversible blades depending on your interior design. The speed is controlled with a three-speed pull-chain and has reversible airflow functionality. This affordable ceiling fan is available in two color combinations: black and light maple or white and light maple. Suitable for every home!

Do take your time when thinking about buying a new ceiling fan. After all, you will be spending hard earned money. Keep in mind though that cheap ceiling fans can also give you more value for your money if you know what to look for.