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Have you ever had that uncomfortable feeling after spending a day or two inside air-conditioned rooms? Usually, a step outside will send your body senses into mayhem and you will feel more uncomfortable than ever. You would naturally think that your body must have gotten accustomed to the synthetic climate that you would rather stay in an air-conditioned room as much as possible.

While there is a bit of truth here and there really are days when no one can take the smoldering heat outside, there are days when you can definitely do better with natural climate with the help of probably the most ignored appliance in your room – the ceiling fan.

Try to spend a day in a place where there is natural climate. No air-conditioner or heater for a change and just see what happens. It is not a well-kept secret that staying in an air-conditioned room strips your skin of moisture. With natural climate, you will notice the great difference in your skin. You will look and feel more alive and even probably archive a more natural blush and glow.

The main difference between an air-conditioner and a ceiling fan is the former lowers the room temperature whereas the latter move air within the body therefore allowing one to feel cooler. Let us get to know the principle behind this for you to understand how you can enhance the natural climate with the use of only ceiling fans.

The Principle Behind Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fansWestinghouse 7234265 Xavier II 52 Inch Ceiling Fan, Brushed Nickel w Gunmetal Accents Finish - living room have this great ability of creating some sort of wind chill effect which makes any home feel more comfortable. A popular way of cooling up during the summer months is to make use of the chimney effect wherein cool air enters the lowest part of the house and absorbs the heat inside the house. The warm air will then exit through the openings at the upper part of the house with the help of none other than a ceiling fan.

Are you wondering why most people say that warm air is usually located at the upper part of the house? That is most certainly true as is proven by the chimney effect which is why if you have a ceiling fan at the lower part of the house, it will continuously stir the air and pull the warmer air upwards, therefore, leaving you with only the cooler air. That is the basic principle behind ceiling fans and how it makes natural climate easier to deal with.

How to Efficiently Use Ceiling Fans

Westinghouse 78603 Petite 6-Blade 30-Inch 3-Speed Hugger-Style Ceiling Fan with Light - energy informationIf summer in your location is too hot to handle and you cannot bear not turning on the air-conditioner, you should know that ceiling fans can raise the thermostat by as much as 4 degrees Fahrenheit without any whatsoever effect on the comfort. Experts suggest installing a ceiling fan on every room that needs to be cooled especially during the hot summer months.

Technically, the best installed and most efficient ceiling fans are those with blades that are 7-9 feet above the floor and 10-12 inches below the ceiling. That ensures proper air circulation. With regards to sizing, ceiling fans with a 36 to 44 inches diameter should efficiently cool rooms of up to 225 square feet. Naturally, the larger the ceiling fan is, the better air movement there will be.

In addition, a larger blade also provides better cooling capability at a lower velocity compared to that of a smaller blade. This is of concern especially in rooms where you expect to deal with a lot of loose papers and stuff that can easily be displaced by such a strong breeze.

With regards to price, expensive ceiling fans usually operate quietly and smoothly and come with trouble-free services. But then again, it is highly suggested you check the noise ratings, warranty, and service that comes with it before making that final purchase.

The Benefits of Having Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans rotation explained for summer winter directionDo you know that people can tolerate higher temperatures for as long as the air is in motion? This is in fact true and what better way to put this into reality than having ceiling fans? They are relatively affordable and the more natural and energy efficient way of enhancing the house’s natural climate and airflow.

It is also important to remember to adjust the controls depending on the season. For summer, your ceiling fans should be in a downward or counterclockwise direction. The higher the speed of the ceiling fan is, the greater the cooling effect will be. For winter months, reverse the motor so that it would then turn in a clockwise direction. Putting ceiling fans in low speed in this direction will bring the warm air near the upper part of the house down where there are people.

There are forgivable days and unforgivable days. For those forgivable days, resist the urge to increase your electric consumption and settle with ceiling fans. The natural breeze will surely give you that stress-free feeling making you feel more energized like you just had a walk in the park and your head thoroughly cleared of any stressors. The bonus part here is you get to save on electricity while doing so as well.